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Mother as a Verb

On this Mother's Day, hallmark, and 'mixed feelings' day I am remembering my three children. One has called and I am staying close to my devices for more calls or messages. As I read Facebook posts, I am thinking that we don't have to act in a mothering, nurturing way to only our own children. I have mothered/mentored a few young women..some for five minutes and some for years. Nieces and cousins...some that were coworkers in dental offices, so weary because they couldn't give enough to their babies. I would tell them that they had to look after themselves first to be of any use. Some were fellow dental hygienists ..maybe in study groups. Some were friends. At times they have mothered me. I had a difficult relationship with my mother so many times I have had to mother myself. Mother is not only a noun, it's a verb too.

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