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Snow Dancing

What a gift this beautiful day with snow is. We did have too much for this part of Canada. Still, I loved walking/dancing in it, savoring the brightness and the ghostly forms of things unknown. Remembering skiing and the laughter of children playing. Walking in the white, being in a cloud.

Like any relationship it is a dance of intimacy. Love and hate. When I was a child I read about the Bobbsey twins lost in a blizzard which was really scary. Playing in the snow; sledding is all part of that time. At some point, when you are Canadian you may have to decide to stay in all winter or to have fun in it. We chose to ski, sometimes on ice at -20'. Being at the top of a mountain became my spiritual meditation.

But then there was the time when I had to pick up my children from school because of a white-out. I couldn't see past the front of my car, and then I know why prairie farmers had to have a rope line to get from the house to the barn. It all makes us stronger and able to appreciate that fear Then, the yin and yang of it: the sheer joy.

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