Leaf Therapy

Here we are on a trail near Elk Lake in Victoria. My walking friend suggested that we call our time "leaf therapy". This was a new concept to me, but on a beautiful fall day it reminded us of the need for Mindfulness.

Being in the Moment.

I was too talkative on this day but in retrospect I intend to enjoy the leaves a bit more until Winter arrives. I miss the fall in Ontario. The colours and the wonderful smell are not so brilliant here in BC.

I am remembering the leaves in Nelson, where, shortly after I moved there, the steep, hilly streets were covered with orange, wet and large maple leaves. Driving my car down Carbonate Street, I slid through two stop signs. A different kind of "leaf therapy" reminding me of the fragility of our existence. Oh, and doing a different route.

Reserving the book "Wherever You Go, There You Are".

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