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Here I am at the Casino. My truly least favourite place but I have a friend who sometimes uses this as his escape. So here I am in all this noisy negative energy using their wi-fi. I have never understood gambling but we have just returned from a sad funeral. So here I am. 2017 so far has not been positive. I am resetting a lot of priorities but one thing I do know is that I have a decent amount of time left to live because my life work is not finished. Learning on a more spiritual path

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I was buying some veggies at the local farmers' market today and the young man selling them told me that he was new at his job and was really just "flying by the seat of his pants". I told him that Ag

On this Mother's Day, hallmark, and 'mixed feelings' day I am remembering my three children. One has called and I am staying close to my devices for more calls or messages. As I read Facebook posts,

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