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Sea Otter

About two years ago, I became aware of a spirit in my living space.I felt it floating at about waist height, brown, muddy and dripping. It was a mystery to me but I waited patiently for an answer. One day I was walking down the causeway where the native artists sell their art in Victoria. There was Sea Otter carving. I knew this was the answer so I bought this beautiful art to be on my wall. Otter represents fun and is also the messenger for Orca. The artist, who has been carving for a long time understood the spirit I had met and had put his own good spirit into the carving. I like to think that Orca's message was to start this site. When the carving found its home with me, the spirit in my living space was in the carving instead of floating around. My Otter had found its home.

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