I have always been a Seeker of knowing. As a child, I reread "The Books
of Knowledge" that was on our home bookshelf many, many times.
I have always been obsessed with wanting to learn. Now I find out that
this is also one secret to aging well.  And now I have Google.


When I was in high school, I memorized "Ulysses" for a verse-speaking
contest.  I don't think that I won but the message of the last line greatly
influenced my young mind.


There are so many things to seek and so many ways to do it.

I will explore these paths with my readers who are hopefully fellow Seekers.
Check out "thoughts" on the menu.

I live on Vancouver Island on traditional Coast Salish Territory beside the Salish Sea where the air smells like air and the forest is outside my door.
I have spent many years trying to live the Way of the Tao and being aware
of my own Chi or life force. I have also been on a path of Shamanic learning and advocating for First Nations.


With gratitude to the Ancestors and Creator for showing me the path, sometimes gently and sometimes not so subtle.

I thank my power animals, especially Wolf and Otter for encouraging

me to lighten up and not take life too seriously. Bear for strength.



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