KH labyrinth


I have always been a Seeker of knowing. As a child, I reread "The Books
of Knowledge" that was on our home bookshelf, many times.
I have always been obsessed with wanting to learn. Now I find out that
this is also one secret to aging well.  And now I have Google.


When I was in high school, I memorized "Ulysses" for a verse-speaking
contest.  I don't think that I won but the message of the last line greatly
influenced my young mind.


There are so many things to seek and so many ways to do it.

I will explore some paths with my readers who are fellow Seekers.
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I live on Vancouver Island on traditional Coast Salish Territory, beside
the Salish Sea where the air smells like air, the forest is outside my
door and the Ancestors hover in the cedar trees.

I have spent many years trying follow the Way of the Tao and being
aware of my own Chi or life force. I have also been on a path of
Shamanic learning and advocating for First Nations.


With gratitude to the Ancestors and Creator for showing me the path, sometimes gently and sometimes not so subtle.

I thank my power animals, especially Wolf and Otter for encouraging

me to lighten up and not take life too seriously. Bear for strength.